New Done With You Meditation Masterclass For 2021 From Wesley Virgin

Simple Trick Manifest What You Want Fast

Read the section: Who Is Wesley Virgin? below before you join the class


 30 Minutes

Who is Wesley Virgin?

Wait! Before you type your email or tap join the class button above, let me be blunt & brutally honest with you,

I wasn't always the fancy looking 41 year old black guy you see on the right, 

Not at all..

Behind the glits and glam... 

I'm just a below average, uneducated 40 yr old African American father from the sketchy parts of Texas,

 and even though I've slept in cars and didn't have a pot to piss in

 the unusual meditation, that you will do in the class, allowed me to manifest my hopes, desires, goals, and dreams in a very short period of time, 

And I get it..

Just like you, I read all the self help books, walked on fire with Tony Robbins and said affirmations until I was blue in the face

But that alone, didn't shift my reality,

And before you and I do the most mind altering meditation together on the next page.

Do not join the master class or type your email above 

until you see the dreadful embarrassing mistakes I've made below..

I've been to jail a few times
I've been fired from over 30 jobs
I've had 3 car repossessions
I've been evicted 3 times
I slept on floor of several friends
I used to piss in water bottles when sleeping in my car
My credit score was 457
I've wrote bad checks just to eat and feed my kids
I filed bankruptcy like a dumb A$$
I had to pay back child support
I dropped out of college
I was mildly depressed
I got kicked out of the army

which means if you haven't had any adversity, problems, issues, struggles or failing moments, 

do not join the masterclass today!

- as a matter of fact

 if you're still wet behind the ears, under the age of 30 and lazy asf- this powerful class is not for you to join today.

It's for the men or women who have guts, and who are committed right now, about changing their lives for the better

And not to be the bearer of more bad news..

But My childhood was tough as nails, 

no one supported my dreams and as a matter of fact

Even my own family said, I was stupid to leave my job at the age of 34 to chase my dreams..

Well, after reading all that, if you still have the desire to join the masterclass right now,

with a guy with a history like that, 

Jump in head first!

You'll discover the EXACT meditation that will distort your reality in minutes, and allow you to experience a 360 degree transformation in a short period of time.

Not sure how good & powerful you'll feel after the meditation 

but this unique meditation took me from 0 to $30,0000,000 at the young age of 35 in under one year of doing this
And if that's what you want,

Let's Goooo!

And Yes! You and I will mediate together on the next page, so grab a pair of headphones and get ready to feel peace, bliss & abundance in under 10 minutes

and while in the meditation you may notice yourself diminishing stress, negative thoughts, depression and past trauma

Thousands and thousands of people say they can feel themselves exiting their current devastating reality, 

and entering into the fifth dimensional world of abundance.

so if you feel this, this means it's working by the way

But Even if you do not join the class, I'm looking forward to seeing the few who do.

Much Love,

97% of People Want Change, but the 3% are Committed to Changing Right Now

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