As the smell of DEATH lingered in the Air, The armored personal carrier in front of us came to a sudden stop...

It was too late for my buddies.

The explosion blew their vehicle into the air. When I saw saw my friends bloody arm come down right in front of me, we rushed out of the vehicle to help our friends.

We were deep in hostile territory.
Is It Possible To Manifest Your Desires When The Planet Feels Like It's Falling Apart? 100% Yes!

Chances were that every road was mined. IED devices and Claymores were everywhere.

We drove at a snail’s pace scouring every road with our eyes looking for the tell-tale triggers. Inside our vehicles we were sitting ducks. 
Stepping out on the roads was even worse.

Holding my M249 light machine gun, sometimes we had to dash out of our vehicles to make an arrest. Every step we took was filled with danger.
What happened next was beyond bizarre...
Dealing with children was the worst. Naturally, we did everything to protect innocent children. 

But sometimes, the children would smile and wave at us. And next they would lob a grenade in our direction.

And everywhere we stepped was the fear of stepping on an IED that could blow us sky-high in a second.
My heart pounded so loudly I assumed my buddies could hear it.

We were petrified. And although we tried not to show it, we knew that any moment one false step meant they would ship us home in a body bad.
But my accidental discovery didn’t just change my tour of duty – it changed my entire life...

Most people walked at a snail’s-pace. The very next step could you blow you apart. So, when we had to walk, every step counted.

But not for this old man. He walked down the streets without fear or hesitation.

I noticed him walking down the streets without staring at the ground. Was he crazy?

Didn’t he know how dangerous walking these streets were?
I saw him day after day...
Walking those streets without a care in the world. He always ended up in a little antique shop.

I pointed him out to my lieutenant and wondered. “Could he be the enemy? Is that why no one bothers him?”

There’s an old saying in the army. Never volunteer. The lieutenant said, “Wes, check him out.”

So, I got out of the APV and approached his shop. I had my machine gun in my hand. I was ready for anything.


A smiling face greeted me as I walked in the door. 

“Hello and welcome” the man said as I entered the door.

Without answering I checked out the shop. The back room, upstairs and cellar were all clear. The man went on polishing a brass lamp. The kind they used in all those genie movies.
The shop owner looked up at me and asked, “Do you know why you are here?”

Of course, I knew why I was there. He was walking through booby-traps without a care in the world.

Before I answered, he asked another question, “Why are you so afraid?”

What planet was this guy on? We were at war with the terrorists. We never knew which side was going to attack us today.

My buddies were being blown apart every day. We never knew if we were going to see our barracks again.

“You are here because you see me walking the streets when you are afraid of your shadow, correct?”

He reached out to pat my hand and I nearly hit the ceiling in fear.
“My friend, relax. You can turn off the fear switch. It’s not helping you at all. You look like a deer in the headlights.”

“Do you remember your Star Wars he said with a twinkle in his eye? Luke was looking for a great warrior and found Yoda. He didn’t believe someone so small could be so in touch with The Force and have so much power.”

“If you like, consider me your Yoda.”

Just then my radio crackled. “Wes, are you okay?”

I double clicked my mic. That was the signal that everything was okay.

“I was just brewing a cup of tea; would you like some? I have some American coffee too if you like.”

He scurried about talking non-stop.

“You are fearful because you aren’t running your mind. Your fears are. May I touch your forehead?”

At that moment, my life changed.

The instant his thumb touched my forehead….I can’t even describe the situation.

Although it was mid-day, my mind went pitch black. I was under the stars. There was a surge of energy running though my body.
I was soaring above the planet!
I felt happiness surging through my veins.

In the background I heard Queen singing “We are the champions, We are the champions!”
And then his thumb left my forehead, and I was back in the shop. This time I was energized and confident.

“And are you still afraid?” my Yoda asked as a smile crossed his face. “What WAS that?” I asked him breathlessly.

“That is called shaktiput. It’s an ancient technique to connect you to the energy of the universe. When I transferred this energy to your body, you noticed the immediate difference.”

“Now how to you feel?” he asked.

“I feel terrific. I feel grounded and connected.” And after a few moments I added, “I don’t feel any fear at all.”

“So, you’re not afraid I’m a terrorist anymore?” he smiled at me.

“Now, I don’t think I will see you again Mr. Wes. So, I’d like to ask you to think about what you really want out of life? Think of everything your heart ever dreamed of….”
And then he touched my forehead again.
I didn’t realize it at the time, but the energy rush was even more than last time.

Without thinking about it, I literally fell into a chair, but I never noticed it.

I was somewhere in space looking down at the planet. I realized that at that moment in time, I could have anything I wanted on the earth.

At that moment I thought about where I had come from. Dire poverty.
The army was my escape from a life I couldn’t deal with...
I saw myself wealthy. After these years of living in hell on earth I deserved a break. I was never the kind to even dream of wealth, but that word seemed to be beckoning.

When I opened my eyes, I saw my new friend smiling at me. I knew that he understood what I asked for.

“Wes, you are going to get everything your heart wishes for. From this day forward, you will have all the money you ever wished for. You don’t have to even work for it. It will flow to you.”

My mind was stunned. Was this a joke? But then I checked in with my body. I was absolutely fearless and confident.

“What you did to me by touching my forehead, is that something I can do to others?”

“They day will come when you will be able to help people achieve their dreams. I promise.”

We shook hands before I returned to my buddies. I had zero fears as I crossed the streets. My biggest problem was thinking what I would tell my buddies. I knew they would mock me if I told them the story of my “Yoda.”

But when I got back to my armored vehicle the sergeant wanted us back at the base. Surprisingly, no one even asked for details. It was as if the visit with the shopkeeper never took place.

The first inkling that something was strange was when we started to play poker that night. Normally I was terrible. But that night, a huge pile of cash grew in front of me. I made over two thousand dollars that night.

But that was only the beginning. It was the beginning of a series of strange coincidences. My mom called from back in the states. I had received a check from a place I had worked for and they closed down without paying me.

Apparently, someone new had bought the company and decided to pay off all the debts. My mom sent me a picture of the check. It was for $12,262.00 I told her to deposit it in my near empty bank account.

A few days later my sergeant called me into his office. The lieutenant was sitting next to him. I had no idea what was going on.

“Wes, what happened in that shop you went into last week?”

Instead of answering the question I asked the obvious question. “Is everything okay? I didn’t do anything wrong.”

“No nothing is wrong. We just got a call from the official Iraqi national bank. The civilian who owned that shop passed away yesterday.”
At that moment I recalled him saying he wasn’t going to see me again.

“That’s terrible. But why are you both here asking me about this? We haven’t been back in the area since.”

Well, the day after you visited him, he went into his bank with new legal papers and left the contents of the shop to you.

“It looked like an antiques shop. It didn’t look like anything special.”
“That’s where you’re wrong Wes,” blurted out the lieutenant. “The antiques he had were quite valuable. He turned in an inventory list to the bank. That shop was worth over half a million dollars in merchandise.”

“I already told the bank you wanted the money instead of the antiques. I need you to fill out these forms and give me your bank account information back in the states. The money will be in your account within the week.”
Could this really be happening?
I sat outside the office for the rest of the afternoon filling out the paperwork. I called my mom to get the information for wiring information. 

She pressed me to tell her what was going on, but I couldn’t explain it.

I walked around the base in a fog. My buddies came up to me as soon as the news was out. “Wes my man, can I borrow some money?”

I could hardly believe it when my mother called me to tell me that over a half million bucks was parked in my account.

“Wes, you aren’t doing anything with drugs are you?” Mothers always think the worst. What was I supposed to tell her? So, I told her the truth. She burst out laughing.

“Mom, when he touched me, he transferred some hidden powers to me. I don’t understand it, but the proof is all this money showing up.”

By this time, I was shell-shocked by these events. My tour was nearly over. I was eager to get the heck out of Iraq and go home.

My mother thought I was a drug dealer. My buddies thought I was cheating at poker. But I had a peace of mind that was almost super-natural.

My last weeks overseas flew by. I boarded the plane to take me to Germany where the docs would check me out and all the papers granting me an honorable discharge were waiting for me.

After a week in Germany, I flew home to Houston for a family greeting. There the first question on everyone’s lips was, “Wes, what’s with all that money?” Gee thanks Mom for telling the immediate world.

“What are you going to do with all that money?” 

Everyone was looking at me like a bank account they could withdraw from.
I went silent because I wanted to keep my inner peace and balance
My Uncle Henry stayed until everyone left and sat me down. “Wes, you’ve got to find yourself a smart stockbroker and invest that money. Right now, you’ve got a target on your back for everyone who wants to play you for a sucker. Get that money invested instead of figuring out ways to spend it.”

But the next day changed my life forever. Mom’s phone rang and she handed the call to me. “Is this Wes?” asked a strange voice on the line.

“Yes, it is,” I answered.

“My name is Nadia, and my sister Amal is here with me. We are the daughters of Mr. Ahmed whom you met in Iraq.”

I was totally stumped.

“Our dad told us to tell you we are Yoda’s daughters.”

“Oh, I never knew his name. How can I help you?” I thought they were going to ask for the money back, but I was shocked when they said…

“Our father asked us to meet with you about something important.” “Look, I didn’t ask for the money. I’m sorry it showed up in my account.”

“Wes”, they answered. “Trust us we do not need the money at all. That was my father’s gift to you to convince you to do something for him.”

“Do something for him? How? He passed away.” I was puzzled.

“Do you remember your conversation with our dad?” Of course, I remember every word.

“Then you will recall there is some unfinished business based on a promise he made to you about you becoming wealthy. You’ve gotten some money, but there’s a lot more to come!”
We set a date for me to fly out to California to meet them

They picked me up in a cute BMW convertible and drove me to their home in Malibu overlooking the ocean.

As soon as I saw their house, I knew these two sisters didn’t lack for money. Nadia started:

“Our father set us up financially and sent us to Stanford for University. We invested the money with a hedge fund, and we live a very relaxed lifestyle.”

“Our father had a mission in life: helping people achieve their dreams. He spent his entire life in prayer and meditation until one day he discovered the source of the energy of the universe.

From that day forward, he lived his own dream. Helping people succeed.

Now our father gave you your dream. And it’s only starting. Wes, you are going to become very, very wealthy.

You experienced the energy in his touch, correct?” “Yes, I did.”

“Now it’s time for you to finish my father’s mission.”

“What exactly is that?” wondering what I was being signed up for. Amal took over.

“Our father sent up to college to study brain science and technology. He spent his whole life studying different forms of meditation and energy work until he achieved the ability to channel energy.

He believed that if everyone knew these techniques, everyone could live the life of their dreams.

Imagine people never having money problems again. They can pay for whatever they want with their own money.

This is a world where people can raise their children in nice homes, take their families on vacations, send their children (or grandchildren) to the best schools.
“No more bad credit notices for people. No more bank accounts overdrawn. Everyone gets to live a life of abundance.

Wes, I know you can now afford your dream car."
"My father’s dream was to help everyone get one."
Nadia added:

“My father knew that money was your dream. But it’s not everyone’s dream. There are families that can’t have children.

There are people who have never found their soulmate. There are couples fighting that want to stay together.

There are people whose lovers have stormed off after a fight and they desperately want them back.

Wes, you are the one my father chose to make this happen.” Nadia smiled. “May I touch your forehead?”

And as soon as her finger touched my head, it was lights out for me.

I saw a vision of literally millions of people with headphones on their heads smiling. I saw families with moving vans moving into new homes.
People driving shiny new cars up the driveways.

I saw people welcoming new babies into their homes. I saw couples getting married.

And I saw people sending me so many thank you notes I needed a secretary to answer them. I opened my eyes and understood the entire plan.

“Okay do I have this correct? Your father taught you his meditation and manifesting techniques. You came here and studied how this could help everyone. And I see that people just have to listen to something and they will attract whatever they want into their lives very rapidly.”

Nadia nodded.

“We are going to spend a week with you teaching you all of our father’s techniques. Then we are going to give you the keys to the kingdom. The recordings we created using the most up-to- date brain technology. It’s light years ahead of where the rest of the world is.

All they need to do is listen to these sessions for 30 days and they will find ALL their dreams coming true.”

I was stunned.
“What exactly is my role in this?”
Nadia answered, “My father trusted his intuition completely. Even though he saw you in the middle of a war, he saw your heart. He saw all the mistakes in your life and wanted to give you this opportunity to help finish his work.”

“So how does this work. I can’t go door to door touching everyone on their forehead!”

Amal smiled. “My father believed in us and our mission. And so, we want to first train you in these techniques. Then we are going to give you the recordings and teach you how to use them.”

The week flew by. Amal and Nadia were gracious hosts. I slept in a gorgeous guest room overlooking the Pacific Ocean. 
Every morning, we went for long walks on the beach. We did different meditation exercises. 

They spent a lot of time teaching me how to feel the energy in everyday objects.

I began to trust the universe would provide.

I knew the promise made in war-torn Iraq was about to come through.

Amal was insistent: “You have to prove my father’s promise worked. You have 30 days to start manifesting money – and lots of it.”

Nadia was gentler. “Wes, this is going to work. You cannot fail. Trust the energy. Trust yourself.”

When my plane took off from LAX airport. I had an idea. I was going to create a website to help people.

Honestly, I barely knew what I was doing when…
The cash started flowing in. 

Did I say flowing in? It was overflowing in.

I was making thousands of dollars every single day. People wanted to make me a celebrity with my overnight success.

But I had a mission.

The first thing I did was retire my parents – both of whom are pastors who prayed every day of their lives.
It kept on getting better...

Then Nadia and Amal called, “Wes can we tell you another secret. Money is really energy. If you want to see results, start spreading your money around.”

“Ten-four.” I understood. I started feeding every single homeless person in my city. I would load my truck with bags of food and go to every place where the homeless would congregate.

Under bridges, in back of supermarkets near the garbage dumpsters, and especially near train tracks. Anyone I saw there I gave food to.

Over time I began to teach them some of the techniques I learned. I was disappointed to find out not a single one made progress.

Nadia and Amal explained it to me, “Wes, are you familiar with the law of attraction? What are the three steps?”

I answered immediately,

“Ask – Believe - Receive"

Amal asked me, “Wes, did these people ASK you to teach them?” “Actually, it was my idea,” I answered.

“Exactly!” Amal said. “You’re teaching people who didn’t ask you.” 

Nadia took it to the next level: “Did any of these people BELIEVE you?” I shrugged my shoulders. “I guess not a single one.”

“Then how did you expect this to work? You can only help people who WANT to be helped.” The light went off in my brain.

And once that happened, I knew exactly what to do to spread happiness and wealth throughout the world.

If people came to me and asked for help, I would reveal everything to them. I began to get excited and my plan took shape.

And now I want to know if I can help YOU. This is about as big as I can take it.

Would you be willing to dramatically change your life in the next 30 days if you knew you could not fail?

I promise that if you use these every day, you’ll start to see miracles in less than 30 days. In fact, if you don’t see a change in the next 30 days, I don’t want your money at all.

Now I’m going to give you the exact same techniques Amal and Nadia got from their father. 

Now here’s the really important thing for you to keep in mind.

Normally, it takes years to learn to perfect these techniques. They tell you it could take years to learn these techniques.


Most programs demand you sit in absolute silence with a clear mind for 60-90 minutes a day. Because most folks don’t have that time available daily, it’s over for them before they start. Secondly, if you try to sit in silence something occurs.

Your brain starts to distract you. It’s called the monkey mind. Taming the monkey mind is a lifelong process.

The teachings I share bypass all of that.
Nothing could be easier...
You just sit and listen and get the results you want. 

Nothing could be easier. 

These are the exact techniques that made me millions and millions of dollars. 

Get excited as I tell you exactly what’s included:
If you’re the kind of person who wants to understand everything, I’d recommend starting with my Video Training on the Five Meditative Frequencies. 

It’s handy for understanding exactly WHY you’re going to get amazing results.

Or you can go straight to the powerful meditations I’m including. Is it worth trading 10 minutes of your time for results you never even dreamed of? You can use earphones or headphones or just listed over your phone’s speaker.

Some people like to fall asleep with these paying in their ears throughout the night. That’s a great extra thing to do. But the main thing is to do this while you are awake just four times a week. 
Honestly, that’s all it takes.
I’ve created a private community to help you succeed. Sometimes we’ll need to help you overcome limiting beliefs. I don’t care what it takes as long as you get results. I am committed to changing the world one person at a time starting with you.

If you ever heard of Napoleon Hill, the greatest personal change expert of our century, he recommended masterminds where “great minds think alike.” We want you associating with others who are looking for change.

Like President Kennedy once said, “A rising tide raises all ships.” Together, we will be uplifted.

But I’m not done with what I have to change your life!
Wealth Frequency Binaural Beat Track 
Bonus Number One: 

Preparing your brain to change. I have a special binaural beats session to boost your financial success. Binaural beats work using a technique called brain entrainment. 

Entrainment is exactly what it sounds like: it’s training your brain to operate of a wealth generating frequency. Binaural beats are used by athletes, person change experts, and professionals to change their state to prepare for important changes in their lives. 

When you listen to binaural beats, you may hear some slight beeping sounds in the background as your brain syncs to success.
Kundalini Touch Exercise 
Bonus Number Two:

I learned that when Mr. Ahmed (My personal Yoda) and his daughters touched my forehead, they were using Kundalini energy. 

Getting that energy moving in your body is my goal so you can absorb the energy and power from the Universe and use it to transform your life. 

I’m convinced with a little bit of practice; you may discover you have the gift too.
Supernatural Third Eye Activation Exercises
Bonus Number Three:

No matter the meditation system, people are aware of something called the third eye. That’s the place where I was touched on the forehead. I’d like to help you open YOUR third eye. 

Some people say the third eye is connected to the pineal gland in the brain. When you put very light pressure on the eyelids, the pineal gland senses light. I want you to experience the same dramatic shifts that I had. 

This is very powerful and will lead to the most profound changes in your life.
Divine Walking Guided Meditation Audios
Bonus Number Four:

Truly enlightened people try to think of the Divine at all times. Like the Bible says, “when you walk on the path.” 

I’ve created these meditations so you can access the Divine within you just by listening to these sessions. Life changing – no doubt. I want you to access the power of constantly being connected to the Divine.
You Can Say Goodbye To Poverty, Like I Did…
You are getting access to the complete system Nadia and Amal taught me in Malibu. This is the exact same system that has generated more and more wealth each year for me.

It’s made millions and millions for me; I expect it will do well for you as well. There are just three requirements:

Number one: You must ASK for the results by downloading and listening to these sessions. Number two: You must believe this will change your life.
Number three: When the abundance comes, share it with others and help better our world.

These sessions are not available anywhere but right here and now.
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When I first walked into the shop in Iraq, Mr. Ahmed was polishing an ancient brass lamp. It was the kind you see in movies like Aladdin.

You know the type. You rub the lamp, and a genie comes out and grants you your wishes. We can do the same exact thing for you right now.

That’s why I’m calling this program of secret teachers: The Genie Script.
It’s as if you have your own personal genie to call upon and deliver whatever you need. 

Just look at what you get when you summon your genie.
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Total Value: $585.00
Regular $389
Today $47
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