Is It Possible To Manifest Your Desires When The Planet Feels Like It's Falling Apart? 100% Yes!

Psst… I don't want to scare you, but I’m ALSO going to reveal some shady debilitating unethical subliminal government techniques too
They use them to weaken your mind through cognitive dissonance with tv, radio, and even the Pandemic. Plus, there’s also ONE major “money crippler” that you’ll be thankful you can now break-free from using these unique frequencies as soon as tonight! 

But let me warn you, 93.7% of people who watch to the very end, tears tend to roll down their cheeks, because I’m going peel the onion down to its core, exposing important people you may know, so today right now, relax and buckle up, you’re going to realize the undeniable truth about getting what you want sooner than later, right now.
Dear you, a person who deserves more! 
How do I know that? 

No, I’m not a mind-reader, and I haven’t hacked into your phone, so you can rest easy. 

In my experience, you don’t land on a page like this without looking for it, be that consciously or subconsciously. 
You might not even know what you’re looking for…

But, there's something inside of your brain that wants more.

Maybe, you’re the kind of person who has a 9-5 job nailed down. 

It might be the job that you’ve always thought you wanted, or you might have fallen into it. 

It doesn’t matter. 

You get up at the crack of dawn everyday and work monday through to friday. 

If you’ve got kids, you probably miss their breakfast, and by the time you get home, you’ve missed their dinner too.

Every month, as soon as your salary hits your bank account, it disappears with all the bills, commitments, and debts you might have. 

It feels like you’re constantly swimming up stream…

...but to what?

You may not admit to anyone, heck you might not have admitted it to yourself yet, but you know your current job isn’t going to help you achieve your dreams. 

I’m not talking about small-town, societal made, safe dreams like getting a promotion.

I’m talking about the kind of big dreams that make you scared to even think about them for too long. 
Like, traveling the world for months on end in the fanciest 5* hotels. 

Or, buying your dream house and car outright in the best neighborhood. 

Or, starting your own business, and building a legacy. 

Or, being 100% financially comfortable, to be able to do whatever you want, when you want, and still be able to secure yourself a happy life, and your kids the same too. 

Whatever they may be...
The reason why you don’t want to linger too long on these big dreams is because up until now, you’ve never known how to get them.

It’s like there’s an entire thick, dense rainforest, between you and them.

People keep warning you that it’s too dangerous, and too risky to go after them. 

“You’ll lose everything you’ve ever worked for.”
“What about the house? The mortgage? Your job?”
“How will we survive?” 

Because you can’t tell them any different, because you’ve never been to the other side, you convince yourself out of it. 

You let that rainforest get bigger, and scarier. 

That might have been happening for the last year, 10 years, or 40 years. 

But, it stops today. 

Because I am here, to show you exactly how you can get from where you are to where you want to be.  It’s a proven path that you can follow confidently through that dark rainforest to the other, better side. 
Hi, I’m Wesley Virgin! Here’s How I Went From Zero To $1,000,000.00 In 30-Days & Made All My Dreams Come True 
First things first, let me make something 100% clear:

Wherever you are now in your life, whatever position you’ve found yourself in, cannot be worse than where I was when I first started on this journey…

...unless you’re reading this from inside a prison cell. 

It’s easy to convince yourself that anyone with wealth started off with some kind of advantage. 

You’d see me with my mansions all over the world, fancy cars, people waiting on me hand and foot, and my kid’s having everything they could ever want and need…
...and think “lucky him.”

But, my story isn’t about luck. 

It’s actually about the exact opposite: 


I had a truly troubled and chaotic early adulthood. 

I was a seriously lost young man that was heading off of the rails fast, destined to become the next local train wreck. 

So, I did what a lot of people do and joined the Army. 

I figured it would give me the discipline, structure, and salary I desperately needed to turn my life around. 

It wasn’t. 

I got kicked out. 

Then, I tried to see if college was for me. 

I figured that was the secret to a stable, suburban lifestyle that I saw in the movies. 

It wasn’t. 

I dropped out. 

After that, my life fell into the worst kind of routine: 

Going to jail, getting released, and getting sent back. 

It was 10x in total. 

During the time I was out, I got myself into a ton of debt, I got evicted, I lost cars. I was stupid. I even resorted to writing bad checks so my kids could eat. 

I was a terrible, absent father, that couldn’t even be there consistently for them with the basics that they needed. 

I was rock bottom. 

These were all the thoughts that were running through my head in my last stint in jail. 

There I was in my orange jumpsuit, on my metal “bed,” thinking to myself: 

Did I want to live the rest of my life like this? 
Is this all there is? 
There must be a better way to provide for my family? 

I don’t know whether it was seeing the same old guards, same old inmates, and same old cells…

But, something snapped in me hard that day.

It was the slap across the face that I needed to wake myself up and change my life. 

I went on a search for something different.

Clearly, I couldn’t nail down a job, or any of the conventional routes to living a good, honest, and abundant life…
So, whatever I found, had to work, work powerful, and work fast. 
That’s when I discovered meditation and manifestation. 

I know what you’re thinking…

An ex-jail bird, meditating himself to a better financial, emotional, and mental state - seriously?! 

And I would have had the exact reaction as you. 

I’d have given up just like I’d given up on the army, and college, but for one thing:

The results I experienced. 

I told myself, Wesley, you have got to stick with this for 30 days, before you can call it a write off. 

If not for anything else, just do it for the kids. 

Wow, all I can say is, that I am thankful that I did...
After I Meditated Consistently For 30 Days, Using This Unusual Soothing Sound, I Manifested 1 Million Dollars! 
If you’re shocked, imagine how I felt when $1,000,000.00 hit my normally broke bank account. 

They must have thought I’d robbed a bank to get that kind of money…

...when in reality all I’d done is meditate! 

In an instant, my life changed.
  • I paid off my debts. 
  • ​I put down a deposit on a house. 
  • ​I paid for a brand new car outright. 
I promised my kids the world and gave it to them. 

But, it wasn’t just about the immediate short-term things. 

Suddenly, I had visions, I had dreams, and I had the means to make them happen. 
It was the beginning of me building myself an 8-figure online empire! 
A life of:
  • Generational Financial Security 
  • ​Insane, Unimaginable Success
  • ​Surreal opportunity 
It was only later when people started to ask for my secret...

...that I realized I had created a totally unique meditation technique. 

It was so different from what people were used to that when they tried it, they were blown away with the results it manifested. 
My Flawless Technique Is So Easy A 12 Year Old Could Do It! 
f you’ve ever tried meditation or any manifestation methods before and it’s not created the results you wanted to - you’ve probably blamed yourself. 

You’ve convinced yourself you were doing it wrong. 

You’re not the right person to meditate. 

But, I’m here to tell you that it’s not you that’s the problem. 

If you’ve ever tried meditation or any manifestation methods before and it’s not created the results you wanted to - you’ve probably blamed yourself. 
You’ve convinced yourself you were doing it wrong. 

You’re not the right person to meditate. 

But, I’m here to tell you that it’s not you that’s the problem. 

You’re getting the wrong results because you’re using the wrong techniques!  

Wrong techniques that are overcomplicated, and impossible to master even for Buddah himself. 

They’ve become over commercialized. 

You feel like you have to jump through a million hoops, only to find yourself back at square one.

Firstly, it’s not your fault.

They’re the techniques almost everybody tells you to use, so why would you think to look outside of them? 

The important thing is you’re now about to discover the unique way to meditate that actually delivers million dollar results.  

A technique that’s so simple to follow and that’s why it’s so powerful. 

Anyone can master this...

AND with everything going on in the world - there couldn’t be a better time to do it. 
The Time Is Right NOW To Master My Totally Unique Controversial Meditation Technique
With everything that’s going on in the world we have more time on our hands, and more need to take control of our own lives, and our finances than ever before. 

You can start meditating the right way, starting tonight and attract wealth from the comfort of your own home. 

Then, when the world gets back to normal… can always have this technique in your back pocket! 

Think about it, whenever in this lifetime, might you have an opportunity as perfect as this to at least try something new like my meditation technique and give it 100% of your attention? 

Mine was jail. Yours can be a pandemic! 

If you pass up on this chance now, by the time you realize what you could have had, you either won’t have the time to invest to make it work... 

Or, the current offer on the program will have expired. 

Invest in yourself now, and thank yourself later! 
Introducing The Genie Script 
The 30-day program that’s designed to teach you my unique meditation technique, and give you everything you need to meditate, and manifest all of your wildest dreams. 

And it is super easy to do, even if you’re new to meditation, because the unique sound and frequencies are so powerful, that do most of the work for you.

Here’s What You’ll Get: 
4x 10-Minute Meditation Every Week 
During these sessions, you’ll learn to master my unique million dollar meditation technique and start to manifest everything you could ever want in your life. 
Video Training On The 5 Meditative States 
The root of successful manifestation and meditation is understanding the process. In these training videos, I’ll break down the 5 brain wave states and the benefits of each
Access To Our Private Community 
You’ll be able to join fellow members of the program in an exclusive Facebook Group. Connect with new people, get inspired by other people’s results, and stay focused for the full 30 days. 
Plus, To Enhance The Unique Meditation You’ll Be Mastering, You’ll Also Get
Wealth Frequency Binaural Beat Track 
This simple binaural beat track will engage your brain in a totally unique, highly-potent state of manifestation simply by 
listening to it. 
Kundalini Touch 
This exercise is a magical science that uses sound, mantra and energy healing to awaken beliefs of abundance to manifest physical desires more rapidly. 
Supernatural Third Eye Activation Exercises
Developing your third eye helps you to connect your self, and spirit and strengthen your psychic and manifestation abilities.
Occult Walking Guided Meditation Audios
A Buddhism technique that allows your mind to unconsciously concentrate and manifest your desires while you walk during your day to day routine.
Asking What The Program Can Do For You Is The Wrong Question
As long as you have the belief, dedication, and commitment to my program, the sky's the limit. 
We could sit here, and talk through its possibilities, like finally being able to: 
  • Travel the world  
  • ​Have a happy, secure retirement 
  • ​Buy your dream car
  • ​Pay off/get a mortgage
  • ​Do house repairs 
  • ​Cover the kid’s fees 
  • ​Build a business 
  • ​Taking up new hobbies
  • ​Create unreal memories with loved ones
  • ​Take the weight off of your shoulders FOR LIFE
But, that list could go on, and on for hours. 

The better question is, “what can’t it do?” and the answer is “nothing.” 


Can You Think Of A Better Option Right Now? 
There has never been a more important time than now to have financial security, and prevent yourself from having the carpet ripped from under your feet. 

Realistically, that’s not going to come from your job.

Most businesses will be cutting back for a long time, before they even begin to look at promotions, and pay rises. 

On a similar note, starting a business isn’t one of the wisest decisions either. 

Not with the economy on its knees, and people tightening their pockets. 
“Traditional” wealth 
avenues are all but shut
So, it’s time to turn to a different approach. 

An approach that, unlike putting your neck out on the line to your boss at work, or your bank for a business loan - there is no risk. 

If we’re being extremely picky, you might say, there’s risk in investing in my program…

But, for the price of the program as it currently is, then you’d have to say doing your weekly grocery shop was a risk. 

Or, class going out for dinner is a risk. 

It’s nowhere near the risk of investing a lump sum in the stock market, or a start-up.
Besides, in life you can never get anything for nothing. 

Not anything valuable anyway. The technique I want to teach you generated me $1,000,000.00 in 30-days. 

I should be charging so much more. 

But, with everything going on, I want to give something back, and plummeting the price of my program that I know has the power to transform anyone's life is my way of doing it. 
 The Price You Have To Pay To Start Creating Your Dream Life In Just 30-Days
To say my program is priceless isn’t cheesy, it’s stone-cold fact. 

It took me, from a down and out, ex-convict, with no immediate options, to owning an 8-figure empire, traveling the world, and being seen as a respectable guy, and father. 

You can’t put a price on that. 

You can’t put a price on the thousands of happy memories I now have with my kids that replaced the old ones I’m ashamed about. 

Or, the fact that they’re set for life. 

They’re not going to have to fight for their dreams. Or, find an amazing, lucky once in a lifetime breakthrough like I did. 

They can do, and be whatever they want now. 

That’s me. 

This is about you. 

Think about all the things that you want to achieve in your life. I bet it goes way past the material things, like a nice car, house, or watch, real quick. 

You want to build a legacy too. 

A foundation for your family, future and present to thrive on. 

You want to be their hero. 

You want to be the person that changes the trajectory, puts everyone on a better path, and brings respect to the family name.

Every story is different, but with my method every outcome is the same. 

All that considered, I could, in theory, put any price tag on my program and justify it. 

But, I know way back at the start, I would have run a mile at a program that cost $1,000’s. 

I wouldn’t even have had it in my bank account… and if I did? 

That would have felt like way too much money to spend on a program, when I had debts to pay, mouths to feed, and leaky roofs to fix. 

I want this to be accessible to everybody. 

So, usually the program is $389.00.

But, for today, you can get your 
hands on it for just $37! 

Whether you’ve tried meditation before and it hasn’t worked, or you’re brand new to it, this is your shot to master a technique that’s PROVEN to work. 

For just $4377 and 30-days dedicated meditation you could do all of these PRICELESS things like: 
  • Fix your finances
  • ​Enjoy more freedom 
  • ​Have more security & control in your life
  • ​Buy nice things 
  • ​Chase your dreams 
  • ​Travel, invest, start a business
It is the trade of a lifetime.

And I’m sure you agree $37 is an insane deal to receive this priceless gift that allowed me to 

Retire my mom and pop
Buy both of my parents cars
Purchase the mother of my children a brand new house and car
Fly around the world to over 40 countries first class
Buy every dream car that I;ve ever wanted CASH
Take my children around the world
Feed, cloth and educate 1000s of homeless men and women under the bridges in my city

Imagine how you would feel if you took a small action right now that will magically change your entire life for the better

Well I’m going to do one better.

To make sure you don’t miss out, and before you hit the button below right now, and start the next best 30-days of your life.
Taking Action & Control Of Your Life Today, Means You’ll Get: 
  • 4x 10-Minute Meditation Every Week 
  • ​Video Training On The 5 Meditative Frequency States 
  • ​Access To Our Private Community 
  • ​Bonus #1: Wealth Frequency Binaural Beat Track
  • ​Bonus #2: My Wealth Visuals Program
  • ​Bonus #3: Kundalini Touch Exercise 
  • ​Bonus #4: Supernatural Third Eye Activation Exercises
  • ​Bonus #5: Occult Walking Guided Meditation Audios
Usually: $389.00
But as a special thank you, today you’re not even going to pay the $37
Right now, as you get started now, on the path to change your entire life, You can have the entire The Genie Script program plus bonuses for just $37BUT this offer can’t last forever! 
My Unique Meditation Technique  Can Only Do So Much….
If you open up your heart and mind to it...

It will reward you everything you could ever want in life, just like it did for me.

But, this first bit has got to come from you. 

I can’t force it upon you and upload it into your brain. 
It’s now a question of, how much do you want that financial safety net, that freedom, and that time with your family? 

I’ve broken down every barrier I can. 
  • The price is as low and as affordable as possible. 
  • ​The training is 100% online, step-by-step and accessible. 
  • ​The guarantee is there if, for some crazy reason, it doesn’t work. 
This might be a tough pill to swallow, but the only thing standing in your way right now, is you. 

But, see it as a good thing. 

You’re in control. 

You’re in charge. 

For once in your life, you’re calling the shots, you can press the button, and dictate your future…

Not your boss, not your bank, not anybody else. 

This is your time, so make it count. 👇
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